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Otto Monge, MSc

Konrad Lorenz Institute of Ethology
Department of Interdisciplinary Life Sciences
University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna
Savoyenstr. 1a
A-1160 Vienna

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I am a wildlife biologist with a special interest in the conservation of birds. My main focus is the generation of scientific outputs that will help to inform the decision making process in conservation. For this reason, I am mostly concerned with identifying risk factors associated with the degree of threat to focal bird species (e.g. pathogen infection, restrictions to gene flow or inadequate management in captivity). In addition, I aim to explore what is the role of agroecosystems in driving the spatio-temporal dynamics of bird species’ response to climate change and how can farmer decisions be integrated in this framework. Finally, I am highly interested in assessing which ecosystem services birds are able to provide in human-dominated landscapes and which are efficient ways to preserve that functionality.

Current Projects

Conservation genetics of wild and reintroduced populations of the scarlet macaw (Ara macao, Psittaciformes) in Costa Rica. Funded by: The Parrot Society UK, The Wildlife Trusts UK, Cleveland Metroparks ScottNeotropical Fund, IdeaWild.

Genetic patterns of the Great-green macaw (Ara ambiguus, Psittaciformes) in Costa Rica. 
Funded by: crowdfunding campaign in