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Little owl, Photo Andy Chilton
little owl

The little owl was widespread in our country until the 1970s. Today this little owl is one of the most endangered bird species in Austria. Its existence is only estimated at around 100 pairs, most of which are found in eastern Austria.
The destruction of its habitats by the intensification of agriculture endangers the little owl. The result: The little owl can no longer find any hiding places or nesting places.

Our ornithologists know exactly what it takes to protect endangered species. The Austrian Ornithological Centre (AOC) with its branch in Seebarn am Wagram (Lower Austria) offers ornithological know-how as the basis for the "comeback" of the adorable little owl. After an analysis of the habitat, nesting boxes and "day homes" (such as pile of stones) are offered. This creates the basis for the creation of new territories.

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