wagtail 1
Jackdaw 2
Great tit
Great tit 3
House martin
house martin 4
Barn swallow
Barn swallow 5
Barn owl
Barn owl 6
Little owl
Little owl 7
Common kestrel
Common kestrel 8
Tawny owl
Tawny owl 9
Long-eared owl
Long-eared owl 10
Hoopoe 11


Foto copyrights

Wagtail © Flickr.com/Bengt Nyman
Jackdaw © Flickr.com/D Chapman
Great tit © Flickr.com/Frank Vassen
House martin © Flickr.com/adrien
Barn swallow © Flickr.com/Dennis
Barn owl © Josef Stefan
Little owl © Flickr.com/Martha de Jong-Lantink
Common kestrel © Flickr.com/Martha de Jong-Lantink
Tawny owl © Flickr.com/Karen Bullock
Long-eared owl © Flickr.com/Martha de Jong-Lantink
Hoopoe © Flickr.com/Frank Vassen


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