Ornithology Lab

We study several aspects of avian biology, from migration physiology to sexual selection, both in the laboratory and in the field. A unifying feature of our research is a broad approach that includes both proximate and ultimate questions. Besides long-term projects on the ecophysiology of Eurasian-African migrants and courtship behaviour of Neotropical manakins, we conduct several smaller projects. A strength of our group is the large network of collaborators worldwide. We also run the Austrian Ornithological Centre that coordinates bird ringing operations in Austria. Because of the double appointment of Fusani at the University of Vienna, the lab includes people formally affiliated at that institution.


Research topics



Leonida Fusani 2
Virginie Canoine 5 (UniVie)
Stefan Fischer 6
Stefan Graf
Ivan Maggini 1
Valeria Marasco 3
Cliodhna Quigley 7
Wolfgang Vogl 8
Anne Hloch 9

PhD students

Andrea Ferretti 10 (UniVie)
Judith Janisch 11
Clémentine Mitoyen 12 (UniVie)
Otto Monge 13
Julia Slezacek 14
Giovanni Spezie 15

Diploma/MSc students

Clara Machowetz
Bernhard Paces
Barbara Waringer


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