Postponed! 30th conference of the Specialist Group Woodpeckers of the German Ornithological Society, Oct 30 - Nov 1, 2020, Vienna

A great spotted woodpecker female (Foto J. Hloch)
great spotted woodpecker female

30th Conference of the Specialist Group Woodpeckers (Fachgruppe Spechte 1) of the German Ornithological Society (DO-G 2)

Postponed to Oct 30- Nov 1, 2020

Europahaus Wien, Linzer Straße 429, A-1140 Vienna

The SIG Woodpeckers - the official name of the woodpecker working group - is a loose consortium of people with an interest in the woodpecker family. The Specialist Group unites specialists and lay people interested in woodpeckers. The purpose of the Group is to have a platform for the exchange of research results, to discuss them and to make suggestions for further work. In addition, networking of people interested in woodpeckers and forests is important to the woodpecker group. The motto of the 30th conference will be "Woodpeckers as culture followers and urban residents".  Vienna is a very suitable conference venue, because it can justifiably be called the European "woodpecker capital".  All European woodpeckers (including wryneck) have been detected within Vienna´s borders and are brooding here, except for the Eurasian three-toed woodpecker.

The world-renowned woodpecker expert Gerard Gorman will hold a keynote speech and a representative of the Association of German Avifaunists (DDA) will report on methods for woodpecker monitoring. Two lectures will introduce the habitats of woodpeckers in Vienna.

The conference languages ​​are German and in some cases English. The participants will, as always, be given the opportunity to cultivate old contacts, to make new ones and to listen to the lectures on the latest developments in woodpecker research and monitoring of woodpeckers. It will also be possible to interact with researchers from the Austrian Ornithological Centre and members of BirdLife 3.

Registration is via this form 4.

Please note that the registration deadline is February 9th and that the registration will only take effect after payment of the conference fee.