Scientific responsibility in animal testing

(January 14, 2014) The handbook "Wissenschaftliche Verantwortung im Tierversuch" (Scientific responsibility in animal testing) was published with Nomos in December 2013.

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Talk by Jane Goodall

(December 13, 2013) Jane Goodall gave her talk "Reason for Hope" on December 12, 2013.

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German Thesis Award 2013

(December 4, 2013) Judith Benz-Schwarzburg got the second prize of the German Thesis Award 2013 for her dissertation.

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Talk by Alan C. Kamil

(October 2, 2013) Alan C. Kamil will give a talk on "Animal Intelligence. Birds are smarter than you think!" on October 3, 2013.

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(September 17, 2013) Prof. Ludwig Huber was invited to the 13th Annual Meeting of the Austrian Neuroscience Association.

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When wolves howl

(August 22, 2013) Researchers from the Wolf Science Center around Dr. Friederike Range investigated the mechanisms driving call production in wolves.

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3rd ToK Conference of CompCog

(July 5, 2013) The University of Veterinary Medicine hosted the 3rd ToK Conference of the Research Network Program CompCog from July 3-5, 2013.

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European and World Allergy Congress in Milan 2013

(June 26, 2013) Comparative Medicine member Judit Fazekas, recently admitted to the FWF PhD program CCHD, presented her work on the creation of a canine anti-EGFR antibody at the Joint Congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and the World Allergy Organization in Milan - and was awarded for her outstanding presentation. Congratulations to her and all coauthors!

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Bonding behavior of dogs

(June 21, 2013) Scientists in the Clever Dog Lab found out that adult dogs behave like human children.

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(June 20, 2013) Young Scientists met at the 9th YSA PhD Symposium on June 19-20, 2013.

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Animal Week for kids 2013, June 15-19

(June 18, 2013) For the second time the Messerli Research Institute, Comparative Medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, holds a lecture at the Children Animal Week.

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German Thesis Award 2013

(June 12, 2013) Dr. Judith Benz-Schwarzburg has been nominated for the German Thesis Award 2013 for her outstanding dissertation.

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Post-Anthropocentrism: Research Colloquium

(May 31, 2013) On May 29, 2013, the Messerli Research Institute hosted a colloquium on "Post-anthropocentrism - a debate in animal ethics" .

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Lab Opening Comparative Medicine

(May 8, 2013) On May 7, 2013, a new lab was opened on the Vetmeduni campus, which will do research into the differences and similarities of human and animal diseases.

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Seminar with Dr. Sophia Yin

(April 4, 2013) From May 24-27, 2013, the Messerli Research Institute will host a seminar with Dr. Sophia Yin.

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Symposium on the ethical evaluation of animal experiments

(April 2, 2013) The project to develop a methodology for the evaluation of research proposals including animal experiments started with a symposium.

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TeaP 2013

(March 28, 2013) The Unit of Comparative Cognition took part at TeaP 2013.

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Talk by Dr. Martin Ullrich

(March 22, 2013) Dr. Martin Ullrich gave a talk on "Music theory and Human-Animal Interaction".

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CompCog workshop

(March 18, 2013) From March 18-20, 2013, the Messerli Research Institute hosts the CompCog workshop "Concepts and methodologies in the field of intertemporal choices".

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