Comparative Cognition at the TeaP 2013

Ludwig Huber has been invited to give a keynote lecture on March 27, 2013, at TeaP 2013, the 55th Conference of Experimental Psychologists. For the second time this conference has taken place in Austtria, for the first time at the University of Vienna. It has been organised the Department of Basic Psychological Research and Research Methods of the Faculty of Psychology (Prof. Ansorge, Prof. Kirchler, Prof. Lamm and Prof. Leder). Vienna's long tradition in psychology has been continued: iconic figures , such as Charlotte and Karl Bühler, Ernst Mach, or Egon Brunswick, who had a profound impact on psychology, all lived and worked in Vienna.

With more than 900 contributions the conference has covered nearly all of psychology’s sub-disciplines and addressed an enormous variety of topics. The keynote lecture by Ludwig Huber provided both an overview of the young field of comparative cognition and – based on several examples from diverse species tested by his research group - an attempt to challenge the anthropocentric view on imitation.

Furthermore, Prof. Huber organized a symposium on "Social cognition: Imitation, empathy and prosocial behavior" together with Prof. Claus Lamm (University of Vienna). Experts from England, Germany, Italy and Austria presented first results and new ideas about the link between these socio-cognitive abilities. The final talk in this symposium was given by Anjuli Barber, a PhD student in Ludwig Huber' WWTF project "Like me", on the physiological and behavioral correlates of emotions and empathy in dogs. 

Finally, Zsófia Virányi from the Unit of Comparative Cognition gave a talk about "Domestication and tolerance: How can dogs and wolves use conspecific and human-given cues?" in the symposium "Social cognition: Developmental perspectives".

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