New Animals and Media Website

Media scholars Debra Merskin and Carrie Freeman announce their new website: 1

This website serves as a styleguide for media makers (in journalism, public relations, advertising, and
entertainment) to produce media representations of animals and animal protection issues in a responsible and respectful way in accordance with professional ethical principles.

There is also a corresponding facebook page for the site, providing examples of putting the guidelines into action. 2

Given the scope of industrialized animal oppression and environmental crisis globally, the authors believe fellow animals, as sentient living beings, warrant not only increased attention in media and popular culture, but coverage that encourages human society to transform our relationships with various animal species in ways that foster less domination and exploitation and more respect, care, and ecological responsibility. The lives and habitats of the world’s animals are largely dependent on the cultural values and worldviews promoted in the media, such as encouraging humans to identify as animals ourselves.