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Talks by researchers in the field of Comparative Cognition at the famous Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture in Erice (Siciliy)

Several employees of the Unit of Comparative Cognition of the Messerli Research Institute held keynote lectures at a symposium from 16 to 21 November 2015 relating to the topic "Social Relationships and Cognitive Competences in the Domestic Dog: Bridging Science and Education" in Erice, Siciliy. This was the 37th symposium organized by the School of Ethology of the "ETTORE MAJORANA Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture".

In total 80 participants were present. Half of them were scienticsts, the other half were practitioners from the field of dog training, dog breeding and dog keeping. Aim of the workshop was to present of the newest insights of research to the practitioners and to give answers to practical questions.

"This Workshop has been designed to share the recent scientific findings and methods used by researchers with dog trainers, veterinarians, early-career researchers, and all else interested in the unique cognitive and emotional skills of dogs. We have invited leading scientists from seven countries who are converging on a formulation of dogs’ abilities. The findings have both theoretical and applied consequences, especially as regards welfare."

Talks held by scientists of the Unit of Comparative Cognition of the Messerli Research Institute:

Prof. Ludwig Huber: Dog-human interaction: what we understand about dogs and dogs understand about us
Dr. Zsofia Viranyi: Wolf-dog comparisons: tracking the evolutionary origins of dog-human cooperation
Dr. Sarah Marshall-Pescini: To give or not to give? Exploring dogs prosocial tendencies in experimental settings
Dr. Simona Cafazzo: Wolf-dog comparison: an overview of their social organization
Dr. Lisa Horn (jetzt Uni Wien): The dog-owner bond: how does it affect the dog’s behavior?

Beside the newest research findings were presented with posters by young scientists of the Unit of Comparative Cognition.

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