Awardees of science award 2019 together with Otto Doblhoff-Dier, vizerector for science and international relations (4.f.le) Alice Auersperg 2.f.le.). Photo © T. Suchanek/Vetmeduni Vienna
Poster Awardees for category "university environment" and "science journalists". Sabrina Karl on the far right. Photo © T. Suchanek/Vetmeduni Vienna

27.11.2019 Awards for Messerli employees

On 27 November 2019, two employees of the Comparative Cognition unit of the Messerli Research Institute had been awarded at the Science Day at the Vetmeduni Vienna.

Alice Auersperg, PhD, received the award for the most successful third-party fundraising of Vetmeduni Vienna (non-clinical area, but also general) for the second time.

Alice had raised considerable research funds over the last years by being awarded 2 FWF projects and 1 WWTF project:

  1. Technical Innovativeness in the Goffin's Cockatoo (Cactua goffiniana) (FWF, P29075)
  2. Tool Manufacture in the Goffin's cockatoo (FWF, P29084)
  3. The innovation problem: factors influencing innovative tool use in human infants and cockatoos (WWTF, CS18)

Dipl. Biol. Sabrina Karl, received the award for the best poster in the category "Science Journalism" (Jury: Specialist and Science Journalists). For the evaluation of the posters, the criteria relevance, design and comprehensibility/claritiy were taken into account, as were the criteria used by all juries. 

Sabrina was also among the prize winners in the category "University Environment" (Jury: Scientific Advisory Board of the University of Veterinary Medicine, consisting of international scientists and experts from veterinary disciplines). There she won the 2nd prize.

The competition was big, 45 posters were submitted this year by researchers of the Vetmeduni Vienna. 

Sabrina received the awards as first author for the poster with the name "Whom do you like? (Co-authors are Magdalena Boch, Claus Lamm and Ludwig Huber).


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