Reseach Projects

 We investigate various aspects of dog cognition and
behaviour at the Clever Dog Lab. Dogs’ cognitive
abilities and the dog-human relationship we investigate
by testing a large number of pet dogs of different breeds,
ages, and training histories. This approach allows us to
tackle the effects of development as well as aging and
those of the dogs’ individual experiences. Moreover, with
carefully designed experiments we try to dissect what
kind of perceptual, cognitive and emotional mechanisms
underlie the dogs’ behaviour, and by recording the
response of other dogs and of humans we aim at making
proposals about the function of these behaviours. In order to examine the evolutionary background of these skills we compare dogs and wolves at the Wolf Science Center (link to



With this approach we have studied a wide range of topics including

  1. Relationships, Cooperation and Communication
  2. Social Cognition
  3. Physical Cognition
  4. Individual Learning and Reasoning
  5. Personality

Currently, we are working on the following research projects:


Clever Dog Lab