DI Marianne Wondrak, Tzt.


Curriculum Vitae

Marianne Wondrak studied Agricultural Science at TU Munich in Weihenstephan (Diploma 2007) and Veterinary Medicine at LMU in Munich (Examen 2012). During her work as a practical vet for swine and cattle, her fascination for pigs and and their widely underestimated abilities grew. Soon she switched to animal welfare and worked as officer for farm animals at German Animal Welfare Organisation. In spring 2014 she started her PhD at Messerli Research Institute and was intensively involved in the setup of the infrastructure of the outdoor husbandry, the breeding of the animals and the practical procedure of the research studies. Since 2016 she is employed as a university assistant and Clever Pig Lab manager, her research focus is the socio-cognitive abilities of free-ranging Kune Kune pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus).


Main Fields of Research

Social tactics

Social cognition



Wondrak, M.; Conzelmann, E.; Veit, A.; Huber, L. (2018) Pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus) categorize pictures of human heads. Appllied Animal Behaviour Science

Veit, A.; Wondrak, M.;Huber, L.(2017): Object movement re-enactment in free ranging Kune Kune piglets. Animal Behaviour 132; 49-59

Garcia, M.; Wondrak, M.; Huber, L.& Fitch, W.T. (2016) Honest signaling in domestic piglets (Sus scrofa domensticus): vocal allometry and the informatoin centent of grunt calls. Journal of Experimental Biology 219, 1913-1921


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