Assoc.Prof. DDr. Isabella Pali–Schöll, Head of Nutritional Immunology, has studied nutritional sciences and performed her doctoral theses for „Doctor rerum naturalium“ and „Doctor scientiae medicae“ at the Institute of Pathophysiology  (Medical University of Vienna), where she is leader of the working group „Nutritional Immunology“. Since October 2011 she has been employed as a University assistant for „Comparative Allergology“ at the newly founded Messerli Research Institute (University of Veterinary Medicine, Medical University and University of Vienna).
Her particular research area is the revelation of factors responsible for allergy development. In addition, the transfer of the risk for allergic diseases from mother to next generation is in the focus of her scientific work. Furthermore, she is working on the optimization of immunotherapy for type I allergies, with focus on carrier systems and active substances.
Isabella Pali-Schöll is enthusiastic in transferring science to public, like within „University meets public“ or „Children’s University“. She has received several scientific awards and grants and is the author of numerous articles and papers.

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