Dr. Andreas Aigner

Andreas Aigner received his doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Vienna in 2020. In his dissertation thesis, he explored anthropocentrism and ambivalences in humans’ relationships to animals from the perspective of Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalysis. He has been working at the Messerli Research Institute since December 2013. Before devoting his career primarily to research, he worked as a clinical psychologist for several years. His research interests comprise psychological aspects of human-animal interactions, the interface between psychoanalysis and philosophy/animal ethics, and the relation between traditional and alternative approaches to animal ethics.     

Research interests

  • Animal ethics
  • Psychology of human-animal relationships
  • Psychoanalysis (Jacques Lacan)
  • Anthropocentrism and post-anthropocentrism

Research projects

  • 2014-2018: Das Lacan’sche Tier – Eine psychoanalytische Perspektive auf den Anthropozentrismus und die Ambivalenzen in der Mensch-Tier-Beziehung (FWF Project P27428-B29, project leader: Herwig Grimm)

Selected publications

  • Glenk, L. M./Belik, C./Palme, R./Aigner, A./Jensen-Jarolim, E. (2020). The human side of animal experimentation: A qualitative, exploratory study into work-related stress and coping in animal experimenters. In: Pet Behaviour Science (9), 1-15. doi:10.21071/pbs.v0i9.12006
  • Grimm, H./Aigner, A./Kaiser, P. (2018): Moralischer Status. In: J. S. Ach/D. Borchers (Hg.), Handbuch Tierethik. Grundlagen – Kontexte – Perspektiven. Stuttgart: Metzler, 185-192.
  • Aigner, A. (2016): Die Tiere der Psychologie. In: R. Borgards (Hg.), Tiere. Kulturwissenschaftliches Handbuch. Stuttgart: Metzler, 298-307.
  • Aigner, A./Pieper, K./Grimm, H. (2016): “Post-anthropocentrism” in animal philosophy and ethics: The disparity of the prefix “post”. In: Humanimalia 7(2), 56-83. Retrieved from www.depauw.edu/humanimalia/issue%2014/index.html 1
  • Grimm, H./Aigner, A. (2016): Der moralische Individualismus in der Tierethik. Maxime, Konsequenzen und Kritik. In: C. Köchy/M. Wunsch/M. Böhnert (Hg.), Philosophie der Tierforschung. Band 2. Maximen und Konsequenzen. Freiburg: Alber, 25-63.
  • Grimm, H./Camenzind, S./Aigner, A. (2016): Tierethik. In: R. Borgards (Hg.), Tiere. Kulturwissenschaftliches Handbuch. Stuttgart: Metzler, 78–97.

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