Univ.Ass. Dr. Martin Huth

Martin Huth was born in 1978. He has been graduated from the University of Vienna, Department of Philosophy, in 2007 with a dissertation thesis on phenomenological accounts to biomedical ethics. Since 2008 he is a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy at the University Vienna teaching courses on ethics, applied ethics, political theory and phenomenology. Since 2011 he holds a post doc position at the Messerli Research Institute, Unit Ethics and Human-Animal Studies.

Currently, two research projects are of main relevance: First, Martin Huth analyses the concept of vulnerability from a phenomenological point of view to fathom its normative significance mainly with respect to individuals who do not conform to the liberal paradigm of the heroic autonomous subject (animals, infants, people with disabilities) and who are, thus marginalized or abjected. He submitted a FWF-proposal entitled In the Face of Vulnerability: Phenomenological Investigations into the Sources of Normativity. Second, he works on a phenomenology of human-animal relations and its ethical implications drawing mainly from Edmund Husserl’s and Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s analysis of corporeality and intercorporeality.

Research interests

  • Vulnerability as normative category
  • Phenomenology (with a special focus on embodiment, normativity and human-animal relations)
  • Ethics and applied ethics (animal ethics, biomedical ethics)
  • Veterinary ethics (focus on the concept of health and knowledge transfer from biomedical ethics)
  • Political theory

Research projects

  • Phenomenology of human-animal relations
  • Vulnerability as source of normativity

Selected publications

  • Huth, M. (Forthcoming): 'The dialectics of vulnerability. Can we produce or exacerbate vulnerability by emphasizing vulnerability as normative category?' in Philosophy Today, Special Issue: Dimensions of Vulnerability (guest editors Martin Huth & Gerhard Thonhauser), to be published in 2019.
  • Huth, M., Weich, K. and Grimm, H. (2019): ‘Veterinarians between the frontlines?! The concept of One Health and three frames of health in veterinary medicine.’ in Food Ethics. A Journal of the Societies for Agricultural and Food Ethics. (2): 
1-18. doi.org/10.1007/s41055-019-00038-4 1
  • Huth, M. (2018): ‘Incorporated Recognizability. A Handshake between Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Judith Butler.’ in Acta Structuralica, Special Issue (2): 119-145. DOI: doi.org/10.19079/actas.2018.s2.119 2
  • Huth, M. (2016): ‘Reflexionen zu einer Ethik des vulnerablen Leibes.’ in Zeitschrift für praktische Philosophie (3), 273-304. DOI: doi.org/10.22613/zfpp/3.1.9 3
  • Huth, M. (2016): ‘Interanimality and Animal Encounters. The Phenomenology of Human-Animal Relations.’ in Phainomena (XXV), 99: 155-178. 

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WS 2019:

  • Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy and Philosophy of Science (IMHAI)
  • Introduction to Practical Philosophy (IMHAI)
  • Grundlagen der angewandten Ethik (Department of Philosophy)
  • Theorien der Gerechtigkeit (Department of Philosophy)

SS 2019:

  • Ethik in Theorie und Praxis: Zugänge, Gegenstände, Methoden (Department of Philosophy)

WS 2018:

  • Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy and Philosophy of Science (IMHAI)
  • Introduction to Practical Philosophy (IMHAI)
  • Grundlagen der angewandten Ethik (Department of Philosophy)



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