Univ. Ass. Samuel Camenzind, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Samuel Camenzind received a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna in 2019. His doctoral thesis explores the moral category of instrumentalization within the human-animal relationship. He studied in Zurich, Vienna and New York.
After earning his Master’s Degree in German language and literature, philosophy and social studies at the University of Zurich, he received his teacher’s training for secondary schools in German language and Philosophy in 2011. Focusing on Applied Ethics in his studies his diploma thesis dealt with utilitarian grounds for ethical vegetarianism.
2012 he started to work at the Messerli Research Institute (MFI) as research scholar and spent 2016 one semester at the Department of Philosophy at the New York University (NYU). Since 2019 he has been a senior scientist at the Unit of Ethics and Human-Animal Studies at the MFI. 

Main fields of research

  • Ethics of Human Animal Studies (Kantian Animal Ethics)
  • Ethics of Animal Research
  • Ethics of Biotechnology (SCNT-Cloning)
  • Philosophy of Law: Dignity of Creature and Animal Dignity in Swiss Law
  • Applied Ethics: Instrumentalisation, Objectification, Exploitation

Current research projects

  • Pain without Painfulness: Animal Disenhancement regarding pain in the context of animal research


Winter term 2020/2021:

Summer term 2019:

  • Ethische Aspekte im wissenschaftlichen Tierversuch (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna)
  • Grundzüge des Tierversuchsrechts und ethische Aspekte im wissenschaftlichen Tierversuch (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna)
  • Animal Models of Human Disease, Master in Human-Animal Interactions (University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna)

Publications (Sample)


  • Camenzind, S. (2020): Instrumentalisierung. Zur einer Grundkategorie der Ethik der Mensch-Tier-Beziehung https://www.mentis.de/view/title/56469 6
  • Camenzind, S. (2011): Klonen von Tieren – eine ethische Auslegeordnung (= Schriften zum Tier im Recht, Bd. 7, ed. by Stiftung für das Tier im Recht, Zurich). Bern/Zurich: Schulthess.

Samuel Camenzind, PhD
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