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Journal Club

Journal Club 094014 "New developments and comparative aspects in allergology, oncology and immunology" (see VetmedOnline)
Teachers: Prof. Dr. Erika Jensen-Jarolim, Dr. Karin Hufnagl, Dr. Rodolfo Bianchini
Place: Team Office of Messerli Research Institute/LAB, located at Vetmeduni Vienna Campus, Veterinaerplatz 1, Building GA 08.
Description: Associated with research topics of attendants, especially in immunologic/allergologic/oncologic fields of comparative medicine, recent literature, novel scientific cognitions and methods being of importance for the progress of individual projects will be presented by the attendants, will be discussed and interpreted by help of the teaching persons. Moreover, a feedback to the didactic work-up of the topics will be provided to the presenters.
Language: English
Registration obligatory in VetmedOnline, and per email at secretary Mrs.
Inscription of dates and titles of presentations at doodle (coming soon). Please indicate in field termed "Teilnehmer" only which SINGLE date you will choose for your individual presentation. Please indicate topic below in doodle field "notes".

We look forward to seeing you there, Erika Jensen-Jarolim and co-teachers.