The diagnostic laboratory examines clinical samples from various animal species submitted from University clinics, the Pathology, private veterinary clinics and veterinary practitioners as well as from research institutes and zoos.

Diagnostic services include standard cultivation procedures, molecular detection and typing of pathogens, innovative techniques for species identification (MALDI-ToF MS) and virulence typing (microarray platform), as well as susceptibility testing.

Specialized diagnostic services and research foci are the laboratory diagnosis of animal mycoplasmas, the establishment of new diagnostic methods, molecular epidemiological analyses and the classification of taxonomically unclassified pathogens.

Please find a list of diagnostic services and a price list here 1.

Clinical samples including a completely filled and signed submission form 2 should be sent to: Institute of Microbiology, AA, 1st floor, Vetmeduni Vienna, Veterinaerplatz 1, A-1210 Vienna.

Samples may also be brought in personally, in this case please use the refrigerator in front of the diagnostic laboratory for delivery.

Diagnostic service hours:
Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tel.: +43 1 25077 2116 or 6920

Staff members:
Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. vet. Joachim Spergser (Leader of the scientific working group Clinical Microbiology and Diagnostics), Email: joachim.spergser(at)
Dr. med. vet. Igor Loncaric (Routine diagnostic lab manager), Email: igor.loncaric(at)
Mag. med. vet. Munkhtsetseg Kargl
Mag. rer. nat. Martina Zimmermann