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Available lectures in parasitology 1.


Training possibilities for students

We offer trainings in parasitology and in bacteriology.


Practical course in parasitology

Praktikum Parasitologie im Diagnostik-Labor 5


  • Successful participation in Labordiagnostik V (parasitology practical)                    

Note: Only perstudents sons who have passed the comprehensive examination can be enroled in our practical course.

  • A lab coat will be provided during the practical course

You are interested to do a practical course in the field of 'diagnostics at the Institute of Parasitology'? Please get in touch with the contact person providing the following information:

During one time period, a maximum of two students may participate in the pracitcal course 'diagnostics at the Institute of Parasitology'.

Concerning other practical courses at the Institute of Parasitology, please contact the respective course supervisor.(investigator


Contact concerning practical courses

Diagnostics at the institute of parasitology


Michaela Ofner

  • T +43 1 664 60257-6914

E-Mail to Michaela Ofner


Reference library, scripts, institute collections

Andreas Grätzl 

  • T +43 1 25077-2228
  • T +43 664 60257-6913

E-Mail to Andreas Grätzl


Internships and practicals at the Institute of Parasitology

All informations fur students and internships at the Institute can be found here  6(scroll to the bottom).