PhD Programme


The PhD programme of the Vetmeduni Vienna is a three year lasting postgraduate study providing highly qualified graduate students a comprehensive scientific education in veterinary science and/or life sciences to become competitive junior scientists.

Research conducted by PhD Candidates is supervised by qualified senior scientists who are internationally recognized specialists in their field.

A guided and supervised internationally reviewed research project is the main focus of the Vetmeduni Vienna PhD, resulting in excellent peer-reviewed publications and forming the basis of a PhD thesis which is presented and defended as the final step toward the PhD once the required coursework has been completed.

The Vetmeduni Vienna Campus is extremely dynamic and highly multidisciplinary offering research areas ranging from veterinary science, human-animal-interactions, to vaccine development and cancer therapy.


  • Every student has a PhD committee
  • Only peer reviewed PhD projects are offered to students
  • Journal club
  • Seminar series, participation at congresses
  • Writing and presentation courses
  • Laboratory method based training at Core facilities
  • Internationally visible faculties
  • State of the art facilities

PhD Curricular Commission

The PhD Curricular Commission (Chair: Prof. Till Rümenapf; send E-Mail to PhD office) is responsible for the design and certain administrative and quality assurance tasks of the Vetmeduni Vienna PhD Curriculum. 



The PhD Curriculum was changed in October 2020. Please find the link to the actual version of the PhD Curriculum.

PhD-Curriculum prior to October 2020 (expiring):


Application procedure

The Vetmeduni Vienna has a rolling application procedure. At any time, interested students are encouraged to contact their preferred principle investigator directly and discuss available projects.


Further documents

The progress of the PhD project has to be evaluated after the first and second year.

PhD advisory committee meeting and PhD thesis submission form are available on VETUCATION after personal login. 



Specific PhD programmes

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