In November 2018 the article "Impact of global warming on the odour and ammonia emissions of livestock buildings used for fattening pigs" will be published in the magazine "Biosystems Engineering". Link to the Artikel 1

Online survey of stake holders about the design of future stables for hogs, broilers and layers as wells as about adaptive measures to reduce heat stress.
The received suggestions for changes and improvements will be taken into consideration and the descriptions of these reference stables as well as the catalogue of adaptive measures will be made available on the website of PiPoCool.

The PiPoCooL consortium will present a status report of the project on the 18th Austrian Climate Day 2017 (May 22nd to 24th, 2017, University of Vienna). Link to the Climate Day 2

On Juli 30th, 2016, an article of the project "PiPoCooL" was published in "Die Presse" called "Naked chicken and a shower for the pig". Link to the article 3

In issue 2/2016 of the magazine ""VETMED - Das Magazin der Veterinärmedizinischen Universität Wien" an article about the project PiPoCooL was published called "animal wellbeing in the stable despite of the climate change" Article 4


Three articles in "Landwirtschaftliche Meldungen" 12, Juni 2017:

Den Kühen wird's schon ab 20 Grad heiß 5

Geflügel auf Sommerhitze vorbereiten 6

Schweine: Stalltemperatur abkühlen 7