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Stand-alone Projects at the institute

P31910 Food material properties and jaw loading in wild lemurs (N. Yamashita)

P30036 Dynamics of a natural transposable element invasion in experimentally evolving populations (R. Kofler)

P29133 Inference of adaptive gene expression by experimental evolution (C. Schlötterer)

P29016 Optimizing novel methods for dissecting complex traits (R. Kofler)

P27630 Wolbachia infection dynamics in evolving Drosophila populations (C. Schlötterer)

P27048 Population genetics of piRNAs in Drosophila (A. Betancourt)

P24551 Empirical codon models for comparative re-sequencing data (C. Kosiol)

P22834 Evolution of gene expression in Drosophila (C. Schlötterer)

P22725 NGS-speed mapping (C. Schlötterer)

P21498 Germline and steroid regulation of Drosophila Aging (T. Flatt)

P19832 An intron based screen for functional innovation (C. Schlötterer)

P19467 Local selective sweeps in Drosophila melanogaster (C. Schlötterer)

P17373 Microsatellite evolution (C. Schlötterer)

P17005 Evolution of male-biased genes in Drosophila (C. Schlötterer)

P16385 Local selective sweeps in Drosophila melanogaster (C. Schlötterer)

P15061 Experimental evolution in E. coli (C. Schlötterer)

P14241 Local selective sweeps in Drosophila melanogaster (C. Schlötterer)

P11628 Microsatellite evolution in Drosophila (C. Schlötterer)

Doctoral Programs

W1225 Population Genetics (C. Schlötterer)

Translational Research

L403 Hitchhiking mapping in cattle (C. Schlötterer)



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