December 2009

As part of the giant panda genome consortium Carolin Kosiol has published 'The sequence and de novo assembly of the giant panda genome' in Nature. 1

December 2009

PhD program DK+ Population Genetics funded by the FWF.
Speaker: Christian Schlötterer

November 2009

1st evolVienna 2 meeting.

September 2009

Alistair McGregor awarded European Research Council Starting Independent Researcher Grant for project 'Evolution of sensory organ morphology: genetic analysis of eye size evolution in Drosophila'.

September 2009

The Institut für Populationsgenetik welcomes Professor Artyom Kopp on sabbatical until February 2010.

July 2009

The Institut für Populationsgenetik welcomes new group leader Nayuta Yamashita.

April 2009

Thomas Flatt awarded FWF Stand alone grant for proposal to investigate 'Germline regulation of Drosophila aging through steroid hormone signaling'.



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