The team members have complementary expertise providing added value to integrate data from different sources in an evolutionary framework. Working together is more than the sum of its parts.


Neda Barghi

Neda is an experienced evolutionary geneticist leading the multidisciplinary team to reach an important milestone in evolutionary biology. Her experience in analyzing complex datasets and to model adaptive polygenic traits will be essential to guide the team on the integration of complex data sets into a suitable model to answer the research questions.

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Rui Borges

Rui has a strong background in mathematical modeling. His expertise is essential to apply statistical models to integrate the molecular phenotypes. He will not only provide an integrated data analysis framework, but also actively contribute to the analysis of each of the molecular phenotypes together with the corresponding scientist in charge.

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Scott Allen

Scott has extensive experience in the analysis of sexual antagonism in Drosophila using transcriptomics. His solid background in evolutionary biology, with emphasis on conflict between females and males will be key to the correct interpretation of the results in light of intra-locus genetic conflict.

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Kathrin Otte

Kathrin has a strong track record in the analysis of proteomics data in the context of adaptive processes. Her expertise will be crucial in linking the gene expression and metabolic phenotypes with proteome profiles to identify traits with sex-specific and sexually antagonistic evolution.

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Gerlinde Grabmann

Gerlinde is an expert in mass spectrometry-based metabolomics. Her expertise in biochemical pathways will be a key asset to be able to make the link between the molecular phenotypes and the traits that are differentially selected between the sexes.

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