Quality policy

The quality policy corresponds to the strategic goals defined in the Development Plan 2012.


Quality principles

Within an international context, the Vetmeduni Vienna positions itself as a first-rate academic and research institute, wherein societal challenges are accorded high significance: expertise and comprehensive knowledge transfer in the treatment of animal patients as well as in maintaining the health of humans and animals are matters of utmost priority.


Quality aims

Collaboration within a large organisation is largely based upon defining mutually agreed-upon objectives across all levels of the organisation. Universities face a unique challenge in balancing the conflicting interests of diverse groups of stakeholders with very different expectations – students, academic staff and administrative personnel – and achieving this balance for the University as a whole (cf. Eschenbach 2005). The supporting processes defined in the enterprise process model are designed to improve and fulfil these objectives. They provide the framework within which all staff members endeavour to optimise their efforts towards achieving this goal.


Quality strategy

In keeping with its commitment to quality, the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna aims to expand its quality assurance and management system to the entire University, with the goal of national audits and international accreditation.

One of the priorities is to integrate and harmonize existing quality assurance measures in research, undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional education, as well as in scientific and central services. By combining and integrating all measures quality management can be extended to the entire University through the employment of management information systems. The stated goal of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna is to implement a campus-wide quality management system that ensures quality standards while remaining responsive to the needs of the University



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