Transnational Coordination Office for the brown bear, lynx, and wolf (KOST)

Dr. Georg Rauer ("bear counselor")
Photo of Georg Rauer 1
Brown bear in the Alps
Photo of a brown bear in the Alps 2
Photo of a lynx 3
Howling wolf
Photo of a howling wolf 4

Contact at FIWI: Dr. Georg Rauer 5

Dealing with immigrating predatory animals, which are still rare but becoming more common in Austria, requires political decision-making.  FIWI contributes wildlife biology expertise that is needed by decision makers participating in Austria´s transnational coordination office for the brown bear, lynx, and wolf (KOST).  This is part of the services that we provide alongside our comprehensive research activities. 

The coordination office is a cross-national panel of representatives from the Austrian Ministry of Environment, the chamber of agriculture, provincial departments dealing with hunting laws and nature protection, the WWF, the central office of the provincial hunting associations, the association of farm and forest enterprises of Austria (Land&Forst Betriebe Österreich), and the bear advocates and wolf representatives. The KOST has the task of making different provincial measures for the management of bears, lynx and wolf compatible and ensuring a technically sound, consistent approach.  The KOST experts have been mediating between interest groups and authorities for several Years.


For download (in German only):

Wolfsmanagement in Österreich. Grundlagen und Empfehlungen (2012) 6

Monitoringkonzept für Braunbär, Luchs & Wolf in Österreich (2009) 7

Managementplan Braunbär Österreich (2005)  8


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