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Under the auspices of the Alpine Network of Protected Areas - ALPARC, we undertook an analysis of the current status of implementation measures for ecological networks in the Alpine region.  The results are available in the "Report on Implementation Measures for Ecological Connectivity in the Alps 1" (June 2016).

This report summarises the history and current legal and policy framework for the implementation of ecological networks in the Alps. It looks at the status of national strategies and highlights progress in implementation and concrete examples of implementation measures. It is based on a desk review of existing policy documents and reports, including from previous relevant projects (Econnect, greenAlps), and on expert feedback. Because the creation of ecological networks is “work in progress”, and because it was not possible to document all relevant initiatives that exist, it makes no claim of completeness. The ecological connectivity policies of the Alpine States of Liechtenstein and Monaco were not analysed in detail, but despite these countries´ small size they also contribute to ecological connectivity.




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