Chamonix - Mont Blanc region workshop on transboundary wildlife management

The project region around Mont Blanc
Map of the project region around Mont Blanc 1

Date: 22-23 May 2019

The Hunters Federation of Upper-Savoie and FIWI organized a meeting  with about 80 hunters from the three regions Haute Savoie (France), Val d’Aosta (Italy) and Valais (Switzerland) in Chamonix to share their experience about their respective hunting practices and to evaluate the impact of hunting on ecological connectivity in the transboundary area. (This is one of the Working Regions of the ALPBIONET2030 project. 

This was the first time for many of the participants to discover how hunting is managed in the other regions across the border. FIWI presented an overview of hunting practices in the Al)pine countries and its effects on wildlife.  A lot of similarities but also several big differences could be shown in wildlife management practices. 

Moreover, during this workshop the impacts of other outdoor activities (skiing, paragliding, trail running, biking, etc…) on wildlife populations were analyzed in the afternoon.

Concrete proposals for a closer cooperation on various issues and a regular exchange between the actors of wildlife management in the three countries were defined in a plenary discussion and the foundation for this reinforced collaboration was laid.


Workshop agenda  2(in French)

Press kit  3(in French)



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