Workshop on cross-border wildlife management, Trenta, Slovenia

Date:  10 October 2017

Location:  TNP Info Centre Dom Trenta 1, Na Logu in Trenta, Slovenia

Based on prior experience and the needs identified in a cross-border vision workshop (on 26 September 2017) by stakeholders in Slovenia (Triglav National Park) and Italy (Region Prealpi Giulie National Park), workshop participants will discuss good practices for joint wildlife management to promote ecological connectivity between the protected areas, and jointly elaborate the foundation for a transnational wildlife management strategy.  

Agenda 2

Workshop Report (in English) 3

Workshop participants decided on action priorities using an "H system".
Ales Poljanec is looking at participant votes 4
Photos K. Svadlenak-Gomez/Vetmeduni Vienna
Participants are working on the selection of actions. 5

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