Workshop on standardisation of wildlife forensic methods, Venzone, Italy

Date: 12.10.2017

Location: Hotel Carnia 1, Venzone, Italien



To further the goals of ecological connectivity, ALPBIONET2030 aims to enhance the capacity of local wildlife crime teams by presenting and discussing state-of-the-art methods and procedures.  Under the leadership of a forensics team from the Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, the workshop will discuss the situation in the Alpine regions of Slovenia and Italy (Triglav National Park and Prealpi Giulie National Park) and provide opportunities for exchange of experiences and support from within and outside the region.

Agenda 2

Workshop report 3


Basics in Wildlife Forensic Sciences 4

Poisonings of Wildlife in Austria 5

The case of a dead (wild?) cat in Austria 6

Wildlife Forensics: DNA basics 7

Wildlife Forensics: DNA case studies 8


The first workshop on standardized widlife forensic methods was held at the hotel Carnia in Venzone.
Hotel Carnia in Venzone 9
Photos K. Svadlenak-Gomez/Vetmeduni Vienna
Chris Walzer introduces the workshop topics 10

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