Photo Gallery


A selection of pictures of our field work

Click on the photos to enlarge them.  All photos (c) Amelie Desvars-Larrive/Vetmeduni Vienna

Veterinary science student Margaret Odom from Cornell University is doing an internship with us.
Photo of a student setting up a rat trap 1
Rat holes are clearly visible - a good place for a trap.
Photo of a student placing a rat trap near rat holes 2
Veterinary science student Diana Gliga of the Vetmeduni Vienna is setting up a rat trap.
Photo of a student setting up a rat trap 3
At the Danube channel the presence of rats is evident from their burrows.
Photo of rat burrows 4
Trapped! A rat was caught in Margaret Odom´s trap.
Photo of a student with a trapped rat 5
A building that is clearly not rat-proof in Vienna, near Friedensbrücke
Photo of a building that is not rat-proof in Vienna 6
Rat feces
Photo of rat feces 7

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