Wildlife Medicine

Leadership: Dr. med. vet. Gabrielle Stalder 1

Deputy:  Dr. Johanna Painer 2 (currently on maternity leave)

The working group Wildlife Medicine combines applied, clinical and scientific aspects of wildlife- and zoo animal medicine.

Our main goal is to develop, improve and provide modern, safe and species-specific wildlife medicine.

Our main research topics cover a wide spectrum form wildlife anaesthesia, and ecophysioloy to microbiome and biomimetic research.

Our group works on all aspects of prophylactic, diagnostic and therapeutic wildlife medicine. We provide veterinary support and skills as responsible veterinarians, clinicians and researcher to research- and conservation- and wildlife projects.

We work on a variety of research projects to improve wildlife anaesthesia as an important part of wildlife conservation and animal welfare. We develop new methods and protocols in a broad spectrum of wild mammals integrating evidence-based knowledge on their specific physiology.

The team of our Wildlife Medicine group encompasses a wide variety of traditional and modern veterinary disciplines, which are adapted to accommodate the diversity of species treated. These include population health management, preventive diagnostic and therapeutic medicine, epidemiology, comparative medicine, and the highly personalized, intensive medical care offered to our patients.

Advanced ultrasonography, wildlife internal medicine, species-specific wildlife anaesthesia, reproduction management and animal welfare considerations are integrative parts of our research and veterinary services.


Veterinary Services, Teaching and Training 3




Our Team

Our team has a broad background and we work with a variety of species such as large carnivores, wild ungulates, mega-herbivores, monkeys and apes, small hibernators, birds, and fish.


Dr. Gabrielle Stalder is head of the working group. She is involved in a wide range of wildlife research such as wildlife medicine, anesthesia, wildlife diseases, animal physiology and ecophysiology of wildlife species. Her research interests include wildlife anesthesia, microbiome research and ecophysiological adaptations of wild animals. (Photo Vetmeduni Vienna)
Gabrielle Stalder with red deer
Dr. Johanna Painer is an expert in advanced sonography, reproductive management, wildlife medicine and animal welfare. She is involved in various research topics related to wildlife anesthesia, reproductive management and biomimetics, as well as wildlife crime, confiscation of illegal wildlife and illegal trade. (Photo Vetmeduni Vienna)
Johanna Painer with an anesthetised bear
Dr. Anna Haw has a broad background in wildlife anaesthesia and -conservation, especially in mega-herbivores. Involved in a broad range of clinical and research activities, her interests span a range of wildlife conservation and One Health issues. Anna is passionate about interdisciplinary research, and finding novel approaches to wildlife conservation that benefit people and animals.
Anna Haw
Dr. Friederike Pohlin has a broad background in wildlife anaesthesia, wildlife management and ecophysiology. She is particularly interested in the impact of human interventions on wildlife health and animal welfare. Her research interests include the improvement wildlife anaesthesia and wildlife management techniques, the impact of wildlife trafficking on animal welfare, and ecophysiological adaptations of wild animals in light of the climate change
Portrait von Friederike Pohlin

Doctoral students

As part of her doctoral thesis Mag. Joy Einwaller works on the study of the improvement of anesthesia in a variety of species, such as wild boar and wild ungulates. (Photo Gabrielle Stalder)
Joy Einwaller with an anesthetised red deer
Veterinarian Hanna Rauch's doctoral thesis deals with the invasive measurement of blood pressure and the improvement of anesthesia safety in a variety of wildlife species. (Photo Vetmeduni Vienna)
Hanna Rauch

Our doctoral students are involved in all clinical and research activities of wildlife medicine. 


Other students of the working group wildlife medicine

Kristin Köllner

Nadine Tod


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