Admission for Studies

In addition to proof of general and special eligibility for admission according to the Universities Act 2002, applicants must complete the admission process for the following academic programmes.

Academic programmes with aptitude test at the Vetmeduni Vienna

  • Diploma Programme in Veterinary Medicine (in German)
  • Bachelor's Programme in Equine Sciences (in German)
  • Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine and Biotechnology (in German)
  • Master's Programme in Comparative Biomedicine - Infection biomedicine and tumor signal pathways (in English)
  • Interdisciplinary Master's Programme in Human-Animal Interactions (in English)

Details of the Degree Programmes of Vetmeduni Vienna
Current information on the admission procedure 2020/2021 1


Past Admission procedures


Admission for Studies

(Updated on 19.08.2020)

Ranking lists for Diploma programme Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor's programme Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Bachelor's programme Equine Science and Master's Programme Comparative Biomedicine for 2020/2021

Admission procedure 2020/2021 6

If you have got any further questions concerning admission and application, please write an e-mail.