Academic programmes at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna offers the following academic programmes:

  • Diploma Programme
  • two Bachelor's Programmes
  • five Master's Programmes
  • a Doctoral Programme
  • a PhD Programme 

Educational and continuing education programmes that do not qualify as regular degree programmes are listed under "university courses", "internships and residencies" and "further educational programmes".


Overview: Degree Programmes

Diploma Programme in Veterinary Medicine 1
Bachelor's Programme in Equine Sciences 2
Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine and Biotechnology 3
Master's Programme Comparative Biomedicine 4
European Master's Programme in Comparative Vertebrate Morphology 5
Interdisciplinary Master's Programme in Human-Animal Interactions 6
Master's Programme in Evolutionary Systems Biology 7
Master's Programme Wildlife Ecology and Wildlife Management 8
Doctorate Veterinary Medicine 9
PhD Programme 10