Applied Cynology (University Course; in German)

The university course "Applied Cynology" is designed to train academically certified specialists who work in a responsible manner in line with animal welfare standards in the canine industry and in dog sports. 

Graduates work in a variety of fields, including:

  • Management of dog schools
  • Management of dog boarding kennels
  • Management of professional kennels
  • Management positions on the managing board of dog sport and dog breeding associations
  • Performance assessment
  • Training and advanced training of dog trainers
  • Management of training centres
  • Editors and reporters for special interest magazines in the areas of keeping of dogs, dog breeding and dog sport 
  • Manufacturing and sales of dog supplies
  • Manufacturing and sales of dog food
  • Tourism
  • Marketing in the areas of dog sport and dog breeding
  • Insurance industry (pet insurance)
  • Specialised companies responsible for the planning and building of kennels and boarding kennels
  • Design and construction of agility courses

The training of qualified specialists in Applied Cynology contributes to improving human-dog-interactions in general and preventing hazards in particular.

The responsibilities of our graduates include the development of standardised programmes to help educate dog trainers and dogs, thus playing a significant role in ensuring a respectful treatment of dogs and in the quality assurance of canine services; they not only contribute to animal welfare but also to consumer protection.

Key data

  • Duration: 4 semester
  • Degree: Akademisch geprüfte Kynologin/akademisch geprüfter Kynologe
  • Fee: 5,300 €




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