University Course "EU Function A: Carrying out Procedures on Animals" (in German)

The purpose of this university course is to impart the ability to provide the conditions for responsible handling and taking care of animals used in scientific experiments at a high level.  It serves to train students and postgraduates who will be conducting animal experiments in their professional roles.

Course title: EU Function A: Carrying out Procedures on Animals

Target group

  • Animal caretakers and veterinary assistants (with completed training, graduates of animal caretaker school), individuals with comparable completed training including medical laboratory scientists and biology laboratory technicians
  • Bachelor, Master and Magister degree students completing programmes in medical and biological fields
  • Graduates from a medical or biological academic programme

Course type: Block course for students and in a career-integrated format

Further information on the website of the institute of laboratory animal science (in German)




Organiser of the University Course Christiana Winding-Zavadil
T +43 1 25077-4922; 2806
E-Mail to Christiana Winding-Zavadil


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