The locomotor system

Comparative morphology of the locomotor system of domestic mammals and also various zoo and wild animals in combination with functional anatomy represents an important component of research performed at our Institute. The composition, development and structure of bones, muscles, tendons and joints are investigated by means of histological and immunohistochemical analyses and electron microscopy and contextualized in combination with the applied clinical anatomy of the locomotor system. A further endeavour at our Institute is the study of clinical topics in the areas of imaging procedures (X-ray, ultrasound, computer and magnetic resonance tomography) in cooperation with the pertinent clinics on our campus. Topics about the locomotor system relevant to developmental biology are focused mainly around the areas of cartilage and bone development (epiphyseal plate) and tendon regeneration. For these efforts, various cell culture models are used in addition to light and electron microscopy and molecular biology methods. Due to our comprehensive expertise in this field, we are an important link between clinical research and basic research within the purview of the research group established at the Vetmeduni.



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