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The Clinic is responsible for scientific teaching and research in the veterinary medical fields and disciplines related to poultry and fish, including examination, treatment and hospitalization of animals, in case of fish medicine. To stay abreast of the increasing specialization in the field, the Clinic is organized into two different Clinical Units. This structure is designed to create optimal synergy through the sharing of infrastructure if possible without influencing the independence of the units. The unit for poultry medicine closely interacts with the group for pet birds and reptile medicine located in the department for companion animals.

Research efforts are focused on basic as well as applied research. The Clinic places great emphasis on close cooperation with practicing veterinarians and owners of animals in order to maintain and optimize the health of individual animals and entire animal stocks. To realize this objective, each of the Clinic’s Units houses the most modern technical equipment in state-of-the art facilities.

The services in the Clinical Units for Poultry and Fish Medicine have been certified according to EN ISO/IEC 17025, thus allowing a number of government‑mandated tests to be performed.