Clinical Units

The range of services provided by the two Clinical Units of the Clinic for Ruminants:

Clinical Unit of Ruminant Medicine

Internal medicine, surgery, epizootic diseases, diseases of young animals, outpatient and inpatient treatment (animal hospital), consultancy for sheep and goat farms
Animal species: cattle, sheep, goats, New World camelids
Analysis and scientific evaluation of dairy samples collected from Austrian farms.

The Clinical Unit of Ruminant Medicine is dedicated to research and teaching in the field of internal and epizootic ruminant diseases including udder diseases and diseases in young animals, as well as additional supplemental subjects. For this purpose, the Clinical Unit of Ruminant Medicine provides outpatient services for cattle and small ruminants, which are available for livestock farms 365 days a year.


Clinical Unit for Herd Health Management in Ruminants

Consultancy for farms that experience problems (assessment, analysis, remediation concept) in collaboration with the attending veterinarian, no outpatient services
Animal species: Cattle
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The Clinical Unit for Herd Health Management in Ruminants of the Clinic for Ruminants (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna) was established at the Teaching and Research Farm in Kremesberg on June 1, 2010. Its second branch is at the Clinic for Ruminants in Vienna. As well as conducting scientific studies and providing postgraduate education along with clinical training for students, we assist farmers and veterinarians with issues pertaining to herd health management in ruminants.
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