New construction of the University Clinic for Small Animals

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Current news

. June 2019: The demolition of building KC has started.

. Groundbraking ceremony for the new construction of the University Clinic for Small Animals: The official ceremony took place on 24th May 2019.

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. Construction site setup and parking lot closures: 17th June 2019.

. Completion of dog stables for the Clinical Unit of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Andrology

. Relocation of the Ambulance of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Due to relocation measures, the Ambulance of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has a new location: Building CB, basement; Start-up date: 4th March 2019.

. Important information for students: The relocation of the individual organisational units will also result in changes to the rooms for various courses in the future. Information and plans for room changes will be announced via vetmedonline (Forms - "Important Information").



Concept of the new University Clinic for Small Animals

The project “New University Hospital for Small Animals” takes the requirements of both patient owners and staff into account. The concept guaranties an even more efficient, interdisciplinary workflow by pooling divisions that have been spread so far in one central building. This ensures modern, high quality treatment of small animal patients and practical training for students.

The spatial concept of the new University Hospital for Small Animals considers all standards for a modern hospital. This applies to the functional routines and, in particular, to biological safety through a strict spatial separation of infectious and non-infectious patients.

The guidelines for the certificate “Cat Friendly Clinic” have also been considered in the planning process. Furthermore, the construction project is convincing due to its modern and clear building structure.

A single point of entry does not only serve as the first central contact point but also as a hub. It ensures short distances to the remaining external clinical units. The ground floor will house a 24/7 emergency department, as well as the intensive care unit (ICU) and the out-patient centre. The other departments will be located on the first floor, where normal units will be separated from isolation areas. To complete the new hospital, there will be a modern surgery centre and a sterilisation centre for the whole building.

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Aerial view
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Project plan

Preliminary project plan (as at January 11 2019; subject to change):

April 2018 Permission by University Council
June 2018 Approval of concept
June 2019 Resettlement of building KC
Summer 2019 planned start of construction works
Spring 2022 Organisational planning & adaption of TIS-system
Spring 2021 Handover to users | Setting-up medical technology
furniture; test run
Spring 2022 in full operation

Update to project plan:

In the project planning of the new clinic building, it was determined to preserve the existing basement at building complex KC. Therefore, tearing down the old building stock will start earliest spring 2019 due to the weather conditions during the winter months. The resettlement will be finished in June 2019 and the construction works will start in the middle of 2019.


Emergency numbers for Small Animals

Small Animals:
+43 1 25077-5555

+43 1 25077-5454

With this numbers you can reach us around the clock!

Address and arrival

Animal Hospital of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna
Veterinaerplatz 1, 1210 Vienna, Austria

Directions to the Vetmeduni Vienna 6