Coming to terms with the Nazi Era – A project financed by the FWF-Austrian Science Fund: The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna during National Socialism

The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna is dealing with its Nazi past through active involvement in the FWF-Austrian Science Fund project “The Veterinary University Vienna during National Socialism,” a collaborative undertaking of the Austrian Research Agency for Post-War Justice and the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna.


This project’s objective is to produce a thick, source-based, overall description. The end product will be a publication that, within the context of a discipline in the natural sciences, takes an innovative approach to interrelating scholarly issues of a personal, institutional and social nature, as well as those having to do with the history of science, government legal policymaking and a society’s ways and means of dealing with its past.

Research is being conducted to shed light on the following areas:

  1. Issues having to do with the history of certain institutions, the history of science, and the curriculum vitae of various individuals in the context of personnel continuities and discontinuities, and the watershed years: 1933, 1938 and 1945.
  2. Involvement in military operations on the part of Veterinary University Vienna personnel in conjunction with their battlefield deployment in specially created veterinary companies or in other Wehrmacht and SS units; this project aims to bring details to light about their assignments, where they saw action, and the network of interrelationships between the Veterinary University Vienna and these individuals’ wartime activities.
  3. The postwar history of the Veterinary University Vienna in a judicial and sociopolitical context, whereby the focus is on so-called denazification as well as legal proceedings by Austrian People’s Courts that involved individuals who were affiliated with the Veterinary University Vienna—both the conduct of investigations to determine whether charges would be filed against them and, if so, the outcomes of the subsequent trials.

A brief description of the FWF-Austrian Science Fund project “The University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna during National Socialism” is available for download here (in German, PDF, 190 KB) 1