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COVID-19: Latest information and measures

For the health and safety of all students, faculty, staff and visitors, we ask that you adhere to the following rule during your stay on the university campus and its external locations. Thank you for your cooperation.


All persons infected with the coronavirus are required by the COVID-19 Movement Restriction Ordinance (“Verkehrsbeschränkungsverordnung”) to restrict their movements for a period of ten days from the date they first test positive. During this time, you may leave your place of residence and may also access the university as long as you wear a mask at all times, regardless of whether you are symptomatic or not. It is possible to lift the restrictions starting on the fifth day after your positive test with a PCR test showing a negative result or a CT value ≥30.

The latest version of the COVID-19 Movement Restriction Ordinance (“Verkehrsbeschränkungsverordnung”) is available here (in German).