LSM 510 Meta – confocal laser scanning microscope


System Description

The LSM 510 Meta is a confocal laser scanning microscope from Zeiss on an inverted Axiovert 200M stand. All components are controlled by the ZEN 2009 software. It is able to run multidimensional experiments including multichannel acquisition, z-stacks, and time-lapse. Since it is an inverted microscope, it is suitable for imaging both live cells and fixed samples. It is equipped with eight laser lines and four laser detectors for detecting both fluorescence signals and transmitted light DIC.


Widefield Illumination

Halogen lamp HAL 100
Mercury lamp HBO 100

Laser Lines

Laser Diode                          405
Argon                                   458, 477, 488, 514
HeNe                                    633


5x/0.16 Plan-Apochromat
20x/0.75 Plan-Apochromat
25x/0.8 LCI Plan-Neofluar, DIC
40x/1.30 EC Plan-Neofluar, Oil, DIC
63x/1.40 Plan-Apochromat, Oil, DIC


Ex 365/12                            Em LP 397
Ex 450-490                          Em LP 515
Ex 546/12                            Em LP 590

Laser Detectors

ChS (META)                            411-754
Ch2                                       420-570
Ch3                                       505-615
ChD                                       T-PMT (transmitted light)