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Christiane Riedel

The main focus of my research is the analysis of virus architecture and dynamics of infection processes, employing cryo electron tomography and subtomogram averaging, fluorescence microscopy as well as standard molecular biology techniques. Projects include the structure of pestivirus particles, dynamics and structural changes during pestiviral host cell entry and the structure of the rabies virus ribonucleoprotein complex. If you are interested in these areas of research and would like to get in touch, just write an email.

Latest Publication: Riedel, et al. 2019 "Cryo EM structure of the rabies virus ribonucleoprotein complex 2" Scientific Reports 9:9639. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-46126-7

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Figure from our latest publication in Scientific Reports, "CryoEM structure of rabies virus RNP" (click photo for link to mansucript)
(C) Confocal Z-stack of fluorescent micrographs through BVDVE2_fluoinfected MDBK cells 48 h after infection. Scale bar represents 5 µm. (D) Cryo electron micrographs of BVDVE2_fluo infected cells 48 h after infection. Arrow indicates an intracellular virus particle. Scale bars from left to right represent 50 µm, 500 nm and 50 nm. modified from: Fluorophore labelled BVDV: a novel tool for the analysis of infection dynamics. modified from Riedel et al 2019 (click photo for link to manuscript).
Flurophore labelled BVDV particles (red) on the surface of SK6 cells expressing flurophore labelled, bovine CD46. Scale bar = 0.9µm. Unpublished data.