About us

We are a team of international scientists and technical staff from eight countries working on various topics of virus research. Under the leadership of Till Rümenapf, there are currently 8 research groups  1within the institute. 



The team of the Institute of Virology


Our Team


Institute Leader

Till Rümenapf 3, Univ.-Prof. Dr.med.vet. (Send E-Mail)

Adminstrative Assistant: Isabelle Grosinger (Send E-Mail)


Diagnostics Team

Angelika Auer, Dr.inmed.vet. 4 (Send E-Mail)

Katharina Dimmel, Mag.arer.nat. (Send E-Mail)

Helga Petznek, Mag.amed.vet. (Send E-Mail)

Karin Walk, Mag.aphil. (Send E-Mail)



Jeremy V. Camp, PhD 5 (Send E-Mail)

Walter Günzburg, O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. PhD (Send E-Mail)

Stanislav Indik, PhD 6 (Send E-Mail)

Jolanta Kolodziejek, DIin Dr.intechn. 7 (Send E-Mail)

Christoph Metzner, Dr.rer.nat. 8 (Send E-Mail)

Norbert Nowotny, Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. 9 (Send E-Mail)

Christiane Riedel, Dr.inmed.vet. 10 (Send E-Mail)

Till Rümenapf, Univ.-Prof. Dr.med.vet. 3 (Send E-Mail)


Scientific Staff

Hann-Wei Chen, DI (Send E-Mail)

Kati Szakmary-Brändle. Mag.arer.nat. (Send E-Mail)

Pia Weidinger, MSc 11 (Send E-Mail)

Marianne Zaruba, DIin Dr.innat.techn. 12 (Send E-Mail)


PhD Students and Doctorates

Alexandra Kiesler, Mag.amed.vet. (Send E-Mail)

Marlene Mötz, MSc (Send E-Mail)

Kerstin Seitz, Mag.amed.vet. (Send E-Mail)


Support Staff

Zeljko Cvetkovic (Send E-Mail)

Ankica Spasic (Send E-Mail)

Karin Stöckl (Send E-Mail)