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AO.Univ.-Prof. Rupert Palme




Selected papers:

Palme, R. (2019): Non-invasive measurement of glucocorticoids: advances and problems. Physiol. Beh. 199, 229-243.

Palme, R., Touma, C., Arias, N., Dominchin, MF., Lepschy, M. (2013): Steroid extraction: Get the best out of faecal samples. Wiener Tierärztl. Mschrift – Vet. Med. Austria 100, 238- 246.

Palme, R. (2012): Monitoring stress hormone metabolites as a useful, non-invasive tool for welfare assessment in farm animals. Animal Welfare 21, 331-337.

Sheriff, MJ., Dantzer, B., Delehanty, B., Palme, R., Boonstra, R. (2011): Measuring stress in wildlife: techniques for quantifying glucocorticoids. Oecologia 166, 869-887.

Palme, R., Rettenbacher, S., Touma, C., El-Bahr, SM., Möstl, E. (2005): Stress hormones in mammals and birds: Comparative aspects regarding metabolism, excretion and noninvasive measurement in fecal samples. Annals New York Acad. Sci. 1040, 162-171.

Touma, C., Palme, R. (2005): Measuring fecal glucocorticoid metabolites in mammals and birds: The importance of validation. Annals New York Acad. Sci. 1046, 54-74.