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Filip Wierzbicki

Filip Wierzbicki, MSc.

I obtained the master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences “FH Campus Wien”. The study program covers a wide range of life sciences and provides a good basis for research in modern biology. My strong interest in evolution and my passion for the tiniest components of life led me to population genetics. In my opinion, taking advantage of mathematics, informatics and technology in biology is the best way to describe living systems. So I joined the group of Robert Kofler at the Institute of Population Genetics to write my master thesis. I investigated the evolution of the small RNA composition in Drosophila and focused on the control of transposable elements (TE) by small RNAs. During this time I developed a strong interest in the co-evolution between TEs and their hosts.

For my Ph.D., I continue to work in the field of TE biology. I will study TE invasions and track the co-evolution between hosts and parasites over generations. To investigate the dynamics of TE invasions, I will employ techniques of molecular biology and bioinformatics. The project aims to shed light on factors that lead to the establishment of TE control.