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Neues e-Book: „Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production“


Recent IPCC reports have highlighted the environmental impact of livestock production as a major source of non-CO2 emissions: methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O) and ammonia (NH3). The livestock sector must react to these reports and develop or implement methods that can reduce greenhouse (GHG) emissions from livestock production.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production provides authoritative reviews on measuring GHG emissions from livestock as well as the range of methods that can be applied to reduce emissions, ranging from breeding to animal health and manure management. The collection also reviews nutritional approaches such as improving forage quality and the use of plant bioactive compounds and other feed supplements to limit emissions by modifying the rumen environment.

Diese Neuerscheinung vom Sommer 2021 steht zum Download und auch zum Lesen auf der Plattform von Taylor & Francis für berechtigte NutzerInnen dauerhaft zur Verfügung.

Über die Suchoberfläche Vetmed:seeker  und direkt über den Plattformlink  gelangt man zum Volltext.