Seminar SS 2018

March 2018

07.03.Sebastian MENKE
Institute of Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Genomics, University of Ulm, DE [Link 1]
A glimpse at the diverse relationships between animals and their gut microbiotas [Link 2]
14.03.Mathilde L. TISSIER
IPHC (University of Strasbourg-CNRS), FR [Link 3]
Find Food Fast but Don’t Become Fast-food: the Dilemma of the European Hamster in Crop Monocultures [Link 4]
21.03.Claire STAWSKI
Department of Biology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, NO [Link 5]
A year in the life of antechinus: the physiology and behaviour of a semelparous marsupial mammal [Link 6]

April 2018

 [Link 7]Department of Vertebrate Zoology, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, PL [Link 8]
Does a trade-off between water conservation and efficient heat dissipation constrain small passerine migration? [Link 9]
Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé, FR [Link 10]
Stress in the city: Physiological and fitness consequences of urbanisation in a wild vertebrate species [Link 11]
18.04.Friederike RANGE
Messerli – Research Institute, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, AT [Link 12]
Integrating social ecology in explanations of differences between wolves and dogs [Link 13]
25.04.  Charlotte RÉCAPET
University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour and National Institute for Agronomic Research, FR [Link 14]
Metabolic basis of life-history tradeoffs: empirical and modelling approaches [Link 15]

May 2018

02.05.Laurent FRANTZ - CANCELLED
Department of Organismal Biology, Queen Mary University of London, Palaeo-BARN, University of Oxford, UK [Link 16]
Understanding domestication in the genomic era [Link 17]
23.05. Marie CHARPENTIER [Link 18]
Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution, Montpellier, FR [Link 19]
The impact of parasites on social and ranging behavior in a primate [Link 20]
30.05. Hirokazu TANAKA - CANCELLED
Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Department Biology, University of Bern, CH [Link 21]
Evolution of cooperative breeding in cichlid fishes [Link 22]

June 2018

06.06.Hugo F. GANTE
Evolutionary Biology, Zoological Institute, University of Basel, CH [Link 23]
Evolution of East African cichlids and color patterns [Link 24]
13.06.Laura KELLEY
Centre for Ecology and Conservation, University of Exeter Cornwall, UK [Link 25]
Visual illusions and trickery in animal signals [Link 26]
20.06.Antoinette J. PIAGGIO

National Wildlife Research Center, Colorado, US [Link 27]

Applied genetics: Managing wildlife and wildlife pathogens through DNA [Link 28]

27.06.Daniel GIANOLA
Department of Animal Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US [Link 29]

One hundred years of statistical methodology developments in animal breeding [Link 30]

 July 2018 - Special talk

04.07Tilo NADLER

Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC), Vietnam
 [Link 31]
Wildlife in Vietnam. Diversity – Threats – Solutions [Link 32]