Photo of the award-winning poster [Link 1]

The award-winning poster

DZG prize for best poster in the ecology category

During its 107th annual meeting the German Zoological Society (DZG) awarded the prize for best poster in the ecology category to Jessica Cornils, doctoral student at the Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology.  The poster  "RFID-reader is watching you: measuring activity patterns in freeliving edible dormise (Glis glis) [Link 2]" describes research being undertaken for the project on predation risk, stress, and life history tactics of edible dormice. [Link 3]  We are happy for her.

(Web editor, 22 September 2014)

Portrait photo of Dr. Sylvain Giroud

Dr. Sylvain Giroud

New FWF Project on "Effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids on hibernation and ageing" approved

Hibernators save energy by substantially decreasing metabolic rate and body temperature, but spend  about 80% of their energy expenditure to repeatedly warm up during winter. However, the function of these arousals remains a mystery.  A new project under the leadership of Sylvain Giroud will examine some of the physiological/metabolic processes, notably those affected by polyunsaturated fatty acids, of hibernating garden dormice.  Polyunsaturated fatty acids are known to be one of the main factors affecting the time hibernators can stay in torpor.  The project (P 27267), which was recently approved, is financed by the Austrian science Fund (FWF) [Link 4] and will run from 1 September 2014  to 31 August 2017. 

(Web editor, 5 September 2014)

Photo of Annika Posautz being congratulated by Rector Sonja Hammerschmid and Vice Rector Josef Ebenbichler [Link 5]

Annika Posautz being congratulated by Rector Sonja Hammerschmid and Vice Rector Josef Ebenbichler (Photo Zsofia Kelemen)

Annika Posautz is awarded the ULV junior researcher prize 2014

Veterinary scientist Annika Posautz of the Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology was awarded the  "ULV Nachwuchsförderpreis 2014 [Link 6]" (young researcher award) for her project "Prevalence, distribution and cause of systemic amyloidosis in European brown hares (Lepus europaeus)".  The award aims to promote junior scientists within the established academic community at the Vetmeduni Vienna.  We celebrate her accomplishment!

(Web editor, 16 June 2014)



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